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Welcome to Archaeology Today

When most people think of archeology, images of Indiana Jones trying to outrun a giant boulder typically comes to mind. The reality of archaeology, however, is far removed from what is portrayed in movies, on television, and even in video games. If you have an interest in how people lived in the past or have wondered endlessly about how human societies have evolved over the centuries, then you may be well suited to a career in archaeology.

Archaeology offers people an opportunity to explore the past and find the pieces that link it to the present and future. This field provides a number of different ways for people to satiate their curiosity about civilizations that have come and gone. An individual can get involved in fieldwork, preservation, laboratory analysis, and even public outreach and interpretation. As a layperson, you can get a taste of archaeology in action by visiting a public dig site, archeological museums, or participating in conferences and seminars on various topics related to the industry.

The foundation of archaeology is ethics. Whether you want to enter the profession or explore archeology as a hobby, it is critical that you become familiar with the ethics that drive many of the decisions archaeologists make on a daily basis concerning sites and the objects extracted from them.